Meet the Artists

Krim ArtGlass is a cooperative effort between David Krim and Pam Krim, glass artisans located in the Brandywine Valley. Together, they create a variety of art glass, from the traditional to the alternative, using the copper foil method.

Pam Krim began creating art glass in 2006, and gradually built both her proficiency and gallery over the past decade. Pam’s designs demonstrate the traditional style of art glass, and are typically square or rectangular, with clean lines.

After watching Pam create art glass for many years, and seeing pieces produced by other artists in the field, David Krim began creating art glass in 2016. David uses alternative methods and a unique perspective to create multi-dimensional lifelike figures.

From the first step to the last (color choice to polish), this complex art process results in one of a kind originally designed works of art. We thank you for visiting, and hope that the enjoyment you get from our artwork reflects the care with which it has been created.