Orange Poppy

Orange Poppy in wood block $75

Orange Poppy in wood block. Blooming only once a year, this poppy can grace your table with bright color year round. The flower can be removed from the wood block. The petals are cut from red glass that, when fired, turns orange to create a more realistic orange poppy color. After firing, the glass petals are partially wrapped in copper foil, soldered, and joined. The center is shattered black glass, fired to fuse, soldered, and joined to the petals. The leaf is green glass, cut and fire-slumped, partially foiled and soldered. The flower and leaf are solder joined to the twisted copper wire, which has been soldered. Various patina are used on the flower, center, leaf and stem. The flower measures 6 3/4″x5″, with block 7 1/2″x5″.

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