Wild Violets (Johnny Jump-ups)

Wild Violets (Johnny Jump-ups) $115

Wild Violets in Vase (Johnny Jump-ups) –  These little Violets “jump up” everywhere they want to!  Hand-crafted stained glass, Purple and Yellow Johnny Jump-ups – three flowers per vase. One flower in each vase (rectangular or triangular) is permanently attached – the other two are free to remove or pose as desired. This is an original design, individually created using the Tiffany copper foil method. The flowers are stained glass, finished with brass/copper patina and hand-painted center. The green leaves and stems are finished with brown patina. The vase is stippled clear glass with stressed copper patina. Each vase is 4″ high – and the flowers extend about 4 – 4 1/2 inches above the vase. A petite arrangement!